Pack up your equipment, organize your players, and bring along your booster club as you hit the road on The Ultimate Road Trip. World Sport is waiting to show you the world through sports. Break the habit of driving to another summer tournament to play the same old teams. Imagine playing in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China.

World-Sport is an innovative company which coordinates exciting travel programs for sporting teams of all kinds.  Regardless of age, skill level or sport, World-Sport takes care of all the details leaving the coach free to plan strategy and enjoy the sights. Simply choose a destination and World-Sport will do the rest!

Our Worldwide Sports Coordinator Network ensures a quality competition schedule. Exhibition games and tournament play as well as clinic and camp participation are all available through World-Sport.

Along with quality competition, you will experience unrivaled sightseeing and cultural activities. Lunch at the Leaning Tower of Pisa? No Problem. A team photo with kangaroos and koalas? No worries, mate! Players, Coaches, Parents and Boosters all enjoy outstanding tours for these sports in these locations:

Baseball - Tennis - Soccer - Wrestling - Water Polo - Field Hockey - Football - Karate - Volleyball - Swimming - Skiing - Ice Hockey


Australia - New Zealand - Fiji - Hawaii - England - Germany - Belgium - Holland - France - Switzerland - Spain - Italy - Austria - Denmark - Japan - Hong Kong - Sweden - Finland - Ireland - Luxembourg - People's Republic of China - Russia - Ukraine